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So You Think You Can Dance, UK – Week 1

Published January 13, 2010 - 0 Comments
So You Think You Can Dance

I don’t bother to count last week’s show because it was the audition show.  The real season started this week, because this is the first week that the contestants danced for votes.

I’ve gotta say, I’m having a much harder time getting into this version of the show, compared to the US or Canadian ones.  It’s not that it’s horrible, because it’s not.  But the quality doesn’t seem to be there.  It’s not really the dancers.. it’s something else… almost hard to pinpoint..  Because it’s a much more condensed series than what I’m used to, it almost feels like they’re rushing.. just to throw something out there and judge whether it’s worth having a Season 2.

Even the way that they do the competition and results shows is rushed.  In the North American versions the competition show airs one night, followed by 2 hours of voting, and then the results show airs the following night for 30-60 mins, depending on their mood.  Not in the UK.  They run the show for about 90 mins live, then turn it over to the voters for 2 hours… THEN they come back THE SAME NIGHT and have a 30 minute results show.  It’s weird.  I’m lucky because I’m watching downloaded episodes, but if you were watching it in the UK you’d watch for 2 hours, and then need to find something to do and then turn the television back on for 30 mins to find out who got booted.  That’s bloody awful, to borrow from the British judges.

One other interesting thing… they don’t seem to have commercials.  Sure, it’s downloaded, and the commercials are usually cut out from TV shows that are downloaded… but at no point does Cat (the host) say “Well, be back after the break”.  They just keep going until they’re done.

And don’t get me started on those phone numbers that they put up on the screen…   that takes some getting used to.  I’ll have to have someone explain European phone numbers to me someday!

As far as the music is concerned, I’m a little surprised.  I was really expecting to hear more music that I was unfamiliar with.  I can remember years ago when a friend would come back from Europe, and bring back CDs of club music. It was always way ahead of anything we had here.  And if I get a copy of Top 40 UK, it’s usually full of songs that I don’t recognize.  That doesn’t seem to be the case so far.  I don’t think that I’ve heard anything (except the guest performer) that I didn’t immediately recognize… which is good because they don’t put the name of the song and artist on the screen at the start of the performance.  How many times have I started to watch a routine on the other shows, and then scramble for a pen and something to write on because I’ve heard a new song (or new to me) that I wanted for my iPod?  You’d think that it was a rare occasion.  You’d be wrong

So who actually got the boot on Saturday?  It’s still too early for me to honestly remember their names, so I have to refer to my reference material. But I did correctly call who was going to be in the bottom pair of couples.  I must be getting good at judging this show!  Chris, the Colin Farrell look-alike…  it was kind of a shame..  I didn’t think that he deserved to go home this week.  For the girls, it was Anabel.  Same thing.  I wish that she’d made it through to next week.

Ah well… it’s a competition, and somebody has to go home.