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So You Think You Can Dance… Top 16

Published September 9, 2009 - 1 Comment

Plopped myself in front of the TV again last night to watch the latest installment of SYTYCD Canada.  (Hmm.. come to think of it, doesn’t the USA version start tonight?  How are they going to manage this scheduling on CTV?)  Four judges last night.  Of course, it doesn’t seem to matter how many judges are on.  They’re usually way too nice.  I can barely walk a straight line some days, and even I noticed some bad mistakes that seemed to go unsaid.  If it was the American version, it definitely would have been mentioned.  Then again, the Canadian version has dances that I don’t think the American networks would ever get away with. 

Case in point… Kim and Emanuel’s Jazz funk routine.  Wow…  never seen anything quite like THAT before!  Almost made me want to vote!  Almost.. but not quite.  I don’t vote on these things.  But what a way to start the show.

Then we went into Amy and Vincent’s Hip hop routine.  I think it looked a little awkward in the beginning, but seemed to get better as it went on.  The judges seemed to be ok with it.

Third up was Corynne and Austin…  My God, that girl’s got legs. They did a Contemporary  routine about the end of a relationship.  Interesting.  I think I’ve found a new song to look for.  The Fray – Never Say Never.  This was one of those routines that really made sense.  I experienced that rare feeling that only comes around once in awhile.  I didn’t feel at once during the last season of the USA one.  They hit it this time. Great job!

Melanie and Cody’s Mambo…   Oh boy…  No thanks.  I thought they missed some things in there but the judges didn’t seem to mind.  That’s all I’ll say about that!

And then we went into the Canon Easy Touch moment.  How do our contestants look so damn good?  Who cares?  I can’t stand this aspect of the show, and I wish that someone would put a stop to it.  It’s so incredibly cheesy.  If they need sponsorship, that’s fine..  put more Aquafina cups in front of the judges, or drape a banner in the background.  ARGH!  It infuriates me.

Enough of that…  Poor Tara-Jean and Everett got the Quick step…  Or the “kiss of death”, as it’s so affectionately known.  I just don’t get that dance.  Doesn’t do a thing for me.  To top it off, Tara-Jean looked like she was wearing a feather duster.  Probably not her fault.  I suspect their wardrobe is chosen for them. 

Jayme Ray and Daniel’s Hip hop routine wasn’t bad.  Tons of energy!

Next up was Jenna Lynne and Nicholas’ Hustle..  I didn’t care for the dance a whole lot.  Was it Disco?  What is Hustle? I dunno.  But it was great to see Benji back as a choreographer! I often wonder what these people do after they win (or don’t).  For the American/Canadian Idols, we sometimes hear them on the radio, but you’re far less likely to see these folk after the show is done.

Closing out the show was Natalie and Danny’s  Rhumba…    And I’ve gotta say, Natalie cleans up pretty nice in a dress! Go Krump-Girl!  As for the dance itself… mmm..  I’ve pretty much forgotten about it.

So we’ve lost 3 couples already, and I still really haven’t seen anyone who I think has become a fan favourite.  There are some great dancers there, but no one who I’m really going for yet. 

Curious to see what happens tonight.  If I had to guess, I’d say that Melanie and Cody might be in trouble.  That mambo just didn’t work…