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So You Think You Can Dance – Top 10

Published November 30, 2009 - 0 Comments

So you thought that I forgot about the American version that’s been airing for the last month or two?  Nah… Because of the overlap with the Canadian one, and the fact that CTV isn’t carrying it for some reason, I decided not to follow the show until I could get caught up with recorded episodes.  This is the first chance that I’ve had to write about anything recent.

Season 6 has a whole new look and feel to it.  A brand new stage with an amazing backdrop display.  A new intro.  New scenes when it cuts to and from commercials.  The addition of Adam Shankman as a permanent guest was actually a great move.  He’s quite entertaining.  I do wish that they still had a 4th chair and rotated guest judges through, because I miss some of the ones that appeared on past seasons.  I’ve noticed quite a few new choreographers this season.  It looks as though they are making a deliberate effort to shake things up and give the show a fresh makeover.  I don’t know if the ratings were starting to slip or not.  Actually, with this season they’ve made the move from a “summer replacement” into the world of fall prime-time.  That’s probably the most noticeable change of all.

So having said all of that.. has anything really changed?  No, not really.  It’s the same ole thing.  New faces.  Same old styles.  I’m no expert on any of this stuff, and watch it purely from the entertainment perspective, but after 5 seasons, I think that I’ve pretty much seen all there is that they have to offer.  Does that mean that I’m getting bored?  No, not really.  Television programs are a rehash of the same old thing, regardless of what genre they are.  Something “new” doesn’t stay new for very long.

Last night when I sat down to watch, they were announcing the Top 10.  I have to say… so far this season, I have yet to be truly “wowed” by any routine.  Sure, there have been some good ones.  Maybe even some better than good ones.. but nothing that made me really stand up and take notice.  When the bottom 3 girls were announced, I wasn’t at all surprised to see Karen in there (along with Mollee, and Ellenore).  She may have made Adam’s (and many others) eyes pop out, but she just wasn’t connecting with viewers.  At least not the ones picking up the phone to vote.  I think that it was her third time in the bottom 3, and her “dance for your life” solo just didn’t have much going for it.  I hated to see her go, but I think that it was inevitable.  The big question going into next week is whether Mollee can suddenly mature enough emotionally (or at least give the illusion of doing so) to attract some voters.  She dances well, but she has “High School Musical” written all over her, and looks like a fish out of water sometimes, in comparison to the other women.

On the guys’ side we had Victor, Nathan, and Ryan in the bottom 3.  Say what you will about Ryan… I’m jealous.  I knew that it wasn’t his night to go home.  I really had my money on Nathan, who blew the judges away in his audition, yet just doesn’t seem to take anything seriously.  I thought that Victor’s solo was far superior to Nathan’s, and was disappointed to see Victor get the boot.  I like how judge (and executive producer) Nigel Lythgoe put Nathan on notice, by telling him that if he had his way, that it would be Nathan (not Victor) going home, but that he was outnumbered by the other two judges.  We’ll see if that little dose of reality is enough to snap some sense into Nathan.

On the Canadian side, I see TV ads announcing tryouts for dancers across Canada.  This SYTYCD machine just seems to have no end in sight.