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So You Think You Can Dance, Montréal and Edmonton?

Published August 19, 2009 - 1 Comment

Ohh… Montréal… la belle province…   avec les belles danseuses… How I missed you so.  Actually, if it wasn’t for having to drive around that city and trying to deal with the parking dilemma, I enjoyed visiting Montréal very much.  But that’s another topic altogether.  Last night I sat down to watch the final auditions, which included Montréal and Edmonton.  Definitely was not disappointed! 

These auditions shows tend to blend together for me, so unless I sit there and take notes while I’m watching (or something completely stands out like SpandyAndy last week) I generally don’t have many specifics to talk about.  I either liked it (which I did), or don’t like it (which I did not). 

The hoop dancing was kinda different.  I don’t think that I’ve seen anything like that before.  We saw some of it in  Montréal as well as Edmonton.  I’m glad that they had a chance to showcase it, even if neither dancer got past the choreography round.

Tonight the Top 20 is announced.  Now the real show begins!

(Oops…  no Top 20 tonight.  Sunday!)