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So You Think You Can Dance Canada Tour in Saint John Last Night

Published December 22, 2009 - 2 Comments

Had you asked me 5 years ago whether I’d ever imagine myself sitting in an arena, watching a group of dancers for 2 hours, I’d say that was crazy talk.  I can’t dance.  I don’t think that I’ll ever dance (although I did inquire about lessons once as a Christmas gift).  It’s just not me.

Yet last night, there I was at Harbour Station, watching the So You Think You Can Dance Canada top 10 tour.  And not only watching, but enjoying it. 

I blame my ex for getting me hooked on the American version of the show back in Season 2.  Since then, I’ve seen most (if not all) episodes of 6 seasons of the American one, and both seasons of the Canadian version.  There’s even a season of So You Think You Can Dance Australia that’s being downloaded for me to watch. 

So what’s the appeal?  Maybe it’s the music.  Maybe it’s the outfits.  Maybe it’s the choreography.  Maybe it’s everything.  I’m not really sure, but for the most part, I find it quite entertaining.

When they announced that the tour would be coming to Saint John, I was definitely interested in picking up some tickets.  And I’ve gotta say… I was not disappointed.  Right from the opening performance it was quite a show.  They performed many of the favourite routines from the season, as well as a couple of original group numbers specifically for the tour. 

I bumped into my ex and 7 year old daughter there.  My daughter was absolutely loving it.  I don’t remember the last time that I’ve seen her so excited about anything.   She will definitely remember that show for a long time.  Which is good, seeing as this was the only NB performance, and I suspect that it will be a few years before they come back to Saint John. 

Great show!