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So You Think You Can Dance Canada Top 18

Published September 2, 2009 - 0 Comments

Sorry Paul and Jan, you might as well skip to the next post.

I sat down on the couch last night to watch SYTYCD Canada.  I missed a blog post last week because I had to watch both episodes late, and then figured that there was no point in posting anything. I was surprised to see Tatiana go.  Not as surprised to see Taylor go.

Last night was good.  Mary was there.  Mary’s awesome, even if she’s not quite as “vocal” as when she’s on the American version.  The kids were watching with me, and after one of Mary’s moments my 6 year old son looked at me and said “That lady talks too much”.  Heheh… Kids!

The dancing was great.  Rather than comment on all of them, these are the ones that stood out for me.

Tara-Jean and Everett’s salsa.  Probably had more to do with Tara-Jean than anything else. 

Amy and Vincent’s contemporary.  As completely demented as this was, I loved it.  I’m not sure what goes on in Blake’s (the choreographer’s) head, but wow. 

Natalie and Danny’s jazz.  This was jazz?  I guess that I don’t understand what jazz looks like, because this was not what I recognized as jazz.  I’d say contemporary, but I guess that there must have been “jazz hands/feet” in there somewhere.  Nice to see a “local” girl (Halifax is as local as we’re gonna get this year) make it.

Melanie B and Austin’s smooth waltz.  This probably would not have made it on the list of memorables had it not been for how hard the judges were on Melanie.  That poor girl did not look happy at all.  But hey, the judges are there to judge.  I didn’t see any of the problems that they did, but I’m no Jean Marc. 

Jean Marc is awesome.  I wonder if there’s a website out there with all of the crazy things that he comes up with when he’s critiquing.  Hmm…

Interesting to see how tonight’s result show goes.