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So You Think You Can Dance Canada – Top 14

Published September 21, 2009 - 2 Comments

I was a little slow getting around to watching the two episodes again this week.  When I finally did, I was pleasantly surprised to see SYTYCD USA’s Dan Karaty as a guest judge.  I always liked watching him on the American version of the show.  And he said the same thing that I said last week…  the Canadian version is sexier than the American one!

And it didn’t take long to prove him right.

I was really worried about Melanie and Cody after last week.  I really don’t think that they should have made it through, but after this week’s performance, wow.  They stepped it up big time.  Didn’t hurt that they had a great routine handed to them.  It was amazing.  And apparently the voters thought the same thing, because they were free from having to “dance for their lives” on Wednesday night.

Amy and Vincent’s cha cha was kinda fun.  I would have loved to have seen the rehearsal where the table broke.  I bet that was priceless.  Might have kept them out of the bottom three couples. 

Then came Tara-Jean and Everett.  I FINALLY got a chance to see why I liked Tara-Jean so much during the lead up to the Top 20.  They drew a house routine, and they both performed it amazingly, but it was Tara-Jean who really stood out.  I’ve watched it 4 times now, and I still can’t believe the foot work!  It’s easily one of my favourite routines this season! No surprise that the Canadian voters enjoyed it, and kept this couple from having to dance for their lives.  I think that Tara-Jean will go quite far in this competition.

Kim and Emanuel’s contemporary routine started off slowly.  I was just about to say that I didn’t really like it, and then it picked up and ended well.  I’m not totally sold on this couple.  There’s no denying that they’re talented, but there’s just something about them.  I think it’s more Emanuel than Kim.  The judges really loved the performance, and so must have the voters because they were safe this week again.

Jayme Rae and Daniel.  Oh, Jayme Rae.  The costume was wonderful.  I wonder how many people have disco boots shoved in the back of their closet?  It’s a little before my time.  The performance was.. ok…  I wasn’t really into it, but it wasn’t horrible.  I wasn’t really surprised to see them in the bottom three this week. 

Natalie and Danny performed west coast swing.  Well, that’s what we were told it was.  I couldn’t be sure.  I didn’t get a whole lot of feeling from it.  Neither did the voters.  These two were in the bottom three couples this week.

Corynne and Austin.  Wow.  That girl’s got legs.  She’s probably pretty tired of hearing that, because the judges make mention of it frequently, and I’m sure that she’s heard that many times before.  I liked the routine.  When Corynne ran and jumped with her leg kicked out, and Austin caught her… nice.  These two seem to have formed a great partnership.  They were placed together a couple of weeks ago after their old partners were booted off, and they haven’t been in the bottom three couples since!  I’m still torn about Austin, though. I don’t know what it is.  I can’t point to a single thing that I don’t like about him, so it’s not really fair of me to say that.  There’s just something about him.  I hope that it wears off, because he does dance well, and seems to be a great partner for Corynne. A few more hours on the treadmill, and my gut will look more like his! Ha!

As soon as I finished watching the performance episode, I watched the results show.  It opened with one hell of a group dance.  I don’t know what goes through Blake McGrath’s head, but it must be a scary place.  I loved it though! 

Then we got down to business with the solos.  At the end of it, our local girl Natalie was gone, along with her partner, Danny.  I’m sorry to see her gone, and not merely because she’s the only Maritimer.  I really liked her style, and it was neat seeing her adapt to the other genres as easily as she did.  Ah well…  someone has to go.  It’s the nature of the beast.

Into the realm of Top 12 we go.