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So You Think You Can Dance Canada – Top 12

Published September 26, 2009 - 0 Comments

I think at this point, that I’m finally ready to start throwing out a couple of names for front runners.  I normally have my favs well before now.  This season has been a little harder.  There haven’t really been any huge standouts for me.  Not saying that I don’t like what I’m seeing.  Just saying that I haven’t really seen anyone breaking away from the pack.  I still stand by that, although I think at this point, I’m prepared to say who I’m going for.  And no, I still don’t vote.  It’s a little hypocritical, I know. 

On the women’s side, I think that Tara-Jean is the front runner.  She just seems to amaze me every week.  This past week, she and Everett had Theatre.  I don’t care how well they danced it (and apparently they did)… I just do not care for Theatre.  I’ve developed an odd appreciation for most of the styles on the show (don’t say it, Gary, Jan, and Paul…) but Theatre, and musicals in general, is just not my thing.  I’ll say this about the performance though.. it was filled with tons of energy.  They made it through without ending up in the bottom 3 couples.

Melanie would be my second pick.  She seems to have come out of nowhere.  For the first couple of weeks, I thought that she might have been in trouble, but she seems to have really come into her own.  I’m not a gigantic fan of her partner, Cody, and am curious to see how she does when they break the partnerships up starting next week. 

Of the girls who are left, there really aren’t any disappointments.  I was sorry to see Corynne go this week, but hey.. someone has to go.

On the men’s side, I think that Vincent is definitely the strongest.  His footwork is amazing.  I’m surprised that he’s been in the bottom three couples as many times as he has, but I think that it might be his partner.  He may benefit from the couples being split up next week.

If not Vincent, I’d say that Everett is probably the second best male dancer.  I think that he’s often over-shadowed by Tara-Jean, and will probably benefit, as well, from the new partnerships coming. 

I have to admit, I wasn’t really all that sad to see Daniel go.  He’s good, but he just didn’t stand out for me.  I almost wish that we could have gotten rid of a few others.. Emanuel and Cody would be next.  Sorry guys. 

We’re down to the Top 10… things should get really interesting now!