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Smoketip – An Electronic Cigarette … Cool!

Published September 11, 2011 - 0 Comments

I’m not a smoker.  Never have been.  When I was in grade 5, my friend and I picked up a cigarette butt that his father had thrown on the ground.  I took a single puff and felt that my lungs were on fire.  I’ve never touched them since.  My friend went on to smoke a lot.  We lost touch many years ago, so I have no idea whether he still does or not, but I always remember him when I see those Quit Smoking Now campaigns.Smoketip Electronic Cigarette

Because I’m not a smoker I really have no idea how hard it is to quit.  I can guess, but I really don’t know.  Within my team at work, I am the only non-smoker.  In fact, when there were 16 of us, the only 3 smokers were all together on the same team.  Mine.  How lucky is that?  Three smokers, and me.  Of those 3 guys, I’ve seen 2 of them attempt to quit more than once.  The third refuses, and immediately tells me to shut up and stop shoving Bic Macs down my throat.  He’s a little touchy about the whole thing, but that’s fine… except that I prefer Quarter Pounders to Big Macs.

Of the 2 guys who have tried, neither one of them has made it very long.  I can’t claim to understand the reasons why they were unable to follow through with their plans, but for whatever reason, the desire to smoke eventually outweighed their hope not to.

But I don’t think that either of them have tried anything like the Smoketip.  I chuckled when I saw the ad online.  An electronic cigarette?  I knew that these things existed.  I like to think that every pretty actress that I see smoking in the movies is really “smoking” one of these, and not the real thing.  It’s just such a turn-off for me personally.  Not unlike she’s probably hoping that I’m wearing a pillow under my shirt, or that really isn’t my car that I’m driving.  Yeah… we all have our “things” that we like.. and ones that we don’t.  But I digress…

So I’ve known about these electronic cigarettes, but I’ve never seen one in real life (that I’m aware of).  They certainly look interesting though!  Largest flavor selection?  Hmm…  yummy!  I’d love to know whether these actually work, but I’m not willing to take up another bad habit just to test them  🙂