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Published August 11, 2009 - 0 Comments

I like to look through the stats for the blog.  Most people come here directly, because they’re friends and family who either type the address in, or have it bookmarked.  But occasionally someone comes in from a search engine.  I chuckled when I saw this as a search result that landed someone here.

“do i sell my sirius stock”

So ofcourse, I had to try it, and sure thing.. there was the post on my experience with Sirius, listed on the 2nd page of the Google results.  I didn’t think that anyone actually went to the second page of search results, but I guess that someone did.  How disappointed they must have been if they thought that they were going to find an indepth financial analysis of the SIRI ticker!

Which I see today dipped below the $0.50 mark.. still above where I sold it!  Damn!