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Sealed With a Kiss

Published November 27, 2012 - 7 Comments

“We have tickets to dinner theatre!”

Wonderful… not only was this going to be my first meeting of “The Mum” and “The Grand Mum” … I was also going to be dragged off to a dinner theatre.  This’ll be fun…  Just keep dumping the unpleasantries on me.


First of all, The Mum and The Grand Mum are awesome.  Any awkward nervousness that I might have had (oh, and there was plenty!) was quickly dispelled by their warm smiles and abundance of hugs.

And the dinner theatre?

Broadway Productions in Grand Falls puts on an amazing show.  This was centred around a 50s-60s diner with plenty of great music from that period.  And funny… Oh my…  yes!  I was really blown away, and felt more than a little foolish at my initial reluctance.

Throw in a great turkey dinner, and it was a perfect night of food, fun and festivities… and one that I can definitely see us driving back to Grand Falls for next year.