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Renewed Interest in Netflix.ca

Published January 2, 2013 - 4 Comments


I’ve had a Netflix account for 2 years.  In that time I think that I’ve watched 1… maybe 2 movies.  Why get a Netflix account then?  It’s great for TV shows for the kids.  That’s pretty much about it…  or so I thought.

I never really gave Netflix much of a chance.  It was just too easy to go and download the latest  movie and tv releases for free.  Netflix was just filled with crap that I wasn’t interested in.  Again.. or so I thought.

Lately I’ve been moving away from torrents and trying instead to be legit.  I’ve purchased a couple of movies and tv shows through the iTunes store.  And I’ve started looking at Netflix again.  And guess what?  I was wrong about it!


While it’s certainly true that Netflix does not have the latest and greatest titles immediately upon their release, they still have an impressive collection of content for viewing.  There are plenty of B and C rated movies, but then there are big releases like The Hunger Games yesterday… which just so happens to be one of the movies that I purchased recently.  Crap.

As for TV shows, I’ve been getting caught up with everything from Arrested Development to Californication to Star Trek – The Next Generation.  And if you think that Netflix is strictly in the business of offering content that you’ve already seen a hundred times in reruns elsewhere… Season 4 of Arrested Development is debuting on Netflix… not broadcast/cable networks!  Regardless of your thoughts on the show, the fact that Netflix has the sole distribution rights to a mainstream title proves that it is a legitimate contender in the content provider world.  In fairness, this is not the first show to air exclusively online… this will become more commonplace in the future.  Look out, traditional media!

And Netflix’ best feature?  The fact that it streams to almost any online device imaginable!  I watch it on my iPhone.. iPad.. computers.. Apple TV… the kids watch it on their iPods… all of this for only $8/month?