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Radio Wars: K100 vs The Wave

Published October 9, 2009 - 1 Comment

I’ve noticed something quite remarkable on my radio lately… I’ve been listening to K100 again, and quite liking the music!  There are times that I get in the car and am halfway to wherever I’m going before I even realize that I’m on that station.  I used to use K100 as my secondary station, incase The Wave was playing something that I didn’t like.

But it wasn’t always like that…

Waaaaay back in the good ole days, the station of choice was a little AM radio station called CFBC.  It was a Top 40 station, and I loved it.  I’d listen to it all the time, especially on weekends when it played American Top 40.  Then one day it stopped playing music, and switched to the moldy-oldies.  I have a better appreciation for that music now, but at the time, I was none too thrilled.

That’s when C98 came around, and THEY were playing Top 40 music.. In stereo!  That lasted for a couple of years, until they decided to get into the classic rock theme… passing the Top 40 genre off to K100.  I believe that all these radio stations are now owned by the same company, so they can easily spread the different music genres around without going head to head with each other.

But then something interesting happened one day.  Commercials started to appear on TV.  They were teasers only. If I remember correctly, it showed a beach or waterfront, and water coming in.  That was it.  Then said something about something exciting coming, and gave a date.  That something was 97.3, The Wave, and it played Top 40 music, and went head to head with K100.

And won.

There was a time when I was away for a bit, and when I came back, the radio landscape had changed completely.  CFBC was still oldies, but C98 was now called Big John FM.. and sucked Big Time.  K100 didn’t know what kind of radio station it was anymore.  It literally changed its format every couple of months.  Sometimes it was playing late 70s early 80s fluff, with the occasional recent fluff song thrown in… then it went onto something else… they started playing Delilah at night… they kept changing how the call letters were announced in their promos.. they ran “how do you like our music?” promos…   I hardly listened to them any more, although I still kept them as my secondary.

Then a couple of weeks ago, I noticed something.  They were playing Top 40 music again!  Delilah was gone.  They stole one of The Wave’s DJs for their morning show.  I heard a Top 6 or 7 or 8 or whatever countdown in the evening.  Their call letter announcement sounded much more modern than it had ever been.  It was obvious that they had decided to go head to head with The Wave for the .. ahem… young audience.  And I really think that they hit it.

Hell, I heard The Humpty Dance as I was driving home.  Who doesn’t like The Humpty Dance?

Do the dance!  Do the Humpty Dance!