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Portable Protein Pack? Mmmm… Sounds Yummy!

Published June 30, 2014 - 0 Comments

Protein Pack99% of my TV shows and movies come directly from the internet so I don’t tend to watch commercial advertisements much anymore.  This weekend we were watching a movie on AMC.  I’m sure that I’ve suffered through more ads in that short span of time than I have all year.  It was rough.

But one of the ones that really made me sit up and take notice was something called Oscar Mayer’s P3 Portable Protein Pack!  Unfortunately, while I may have noticed the ad, I really didn’t pay very close attention to anything other than the name.  I fully intended to sit down and write a blog post about pink slime (which they do not use in McDonalds Chicken McNuggets, despite internet rumours to the contrary) with jokes like “It’s the stuff they scraped off the floor that they weren’t allowed to put in their hotdogs!”.  I envisioned it in some sort of plastic tube like toothpaste where you just pushed from the bottom and bit off a chunk.  Now doesn’t that sound appetizing?  Pink Slime

Unfortunately for me, 30 seconds worth of “research” proved that theory wrong.  The portable protein pack may be the worst marketing name in history (Remember when Apple announced the iPad and people made fun of it sounding like a feminine hygiene product?) but it’s not pink slime.  In fact, it’s a selection of cheese, nuts, and processed meat.  Protein! Go figure.

I’m not sure that this product is something that I’d be interested in, but hey…  I never thought that I’d be buying Lunchables for my kids either.  (I’ve since stopped doing that because it’s stupid, but there was a time that the convenience outweighed my reasoning).

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