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Plenty of Fish Sucks – Becomes a Wishing Pond

Published December 13, 2010 - 4 Comments

The online dating site Plenty of Fish has long claimed to be the largest free site of its kind.  Period.  So imagine my surprise when I logged in to check something and noticed that I was being asked for one credit to unlock the ability to see whether a sent message had been read or not.

Huh?  This was new!

And just how much is one credit?  8 cents.

8 cents?!?  And this wasn’t 8 cents for each message… this was 8 cents to permanently unlock the “feature” to see whether my message had been read.  8 cents…

I was more than annoyed!  I’m sure most people are thinking “It’s 8 cents, buddy… what’s the big deal?”  Well, I’ll tell you what the big deal is…

Plenty of Fish is supposed to be a FREE online dating site!  Even now, if you look at their site, they still claim to be free.  Well, obviously they’re not!  It’s not like they are adding features to their existing site, and then charging optional fees for their use!  No, they are crippling their existing features by charging a measly token fee to unlock what used to be free.  Who cares if it’s only 8 cents?  That’s even more of a slap in the face!  Apparently you can’t just buy 1 credit… no, that’s the sheer evil genius of their plan… you have to buy blocks of credits, effectively forcing you to spend far more than 8 cents, and then finding something else to waste your leftover credits on… like sending a virtual cake to an online love interest.

Someone suggested that maybe they should have looked at grandfathering in existing accounts, and implementing the fee on new members only.  That’s certainly one solution.  If you’re new to the site, then you’re not going to miss what you never had.  I think it’s a major disservice to existing members to ask them to pay for something as fundamental as seeing the status of a sent message.  I also wonder if this is simply the beginning of a series of planned changes for the online dating site.  This month you pay to see whether your message has been read.  Next month you pay for the ability to send a message.  And why not?  You’ve already bought a block of 100 points, and still have 99 left.  You might as well use them for something!

What gets me the most is that they still proudly claim to be the largest free online dating site.

This is one lil fish leaving the big pond!