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Pleasant Surprise

Published January 15, 2010 - 1 Comment

I received a rather pleasant surprise today.  One of my co-workers asked me to check my reported vacation accruals, and he noticed that it showed 64 hrs of vacation carried over from 2009.  I said that it must be a mistake, and sent an email to my time keeper, who ran a report on my time for last year.  Sure enough, I had 64 hours of vacation time that had gone unused.  How on earth did I miss so much vacation time?  Apparently I was eligible for my 4th week of vacation in 2009, not 2010.  That accounts for 40 of those hours.  As for the remaining 24 hours, I’m confused as to how I missed those.  But that’s fine, I’m catching up now! 

Unfortunately vacation time carried from the previous year needs to be used immediately, so I’ll be off for a couple of weeks in January, instead of being able to carry it into the warmer weather.

Oh well… any time off is time well spent…