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Playing with Ads Again

Published August 22, 2010 - 8 Comments

You may have noticed the sudden inclusion of advertising again on the blog.  I’m still not convinced that it’s the way to go, but I’m playing around with it, trying out different things.  Placement is key.  By default I had it running down the bottom right, but I don’t think that anyone even scrolls down that far, and I didn’t want to have it at the top.  I’m not a big fan of banners and in your face stuff like that.  Maybe that’s the kind of advertising that is good for bloggers, I don’t know.  But I was looking for something a little more subtler.  And yes, I realize that I’m not going to be able to quit my day job based on a few clicks, but it’s a start.  I wanted to try a few things here before I migrated them elsewhere.

Hopefully people don’t find them too annoying.  As always, feedback is appreciated.

Thanks for reading!