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Pizza Hut’s WingStreet Wings… Yuck!

Published December 9, 2009 - 2 Comments

It’s not easy coming up with a fast food offering that I won’t finish.  Congratulations to Pizza Hut for doing just that!  I have no idea what’s in the sauce for their new WingStreet wings, but it’s pretty gross.  You know that it’s not a good sign when two guys buy 20 wings, and eat 5 of them (I only had one!) before pushing them aside.  If it hadn’t been a take-out order, I seriously think that I would have sent them back and asked for a different flavour.  The medium buffalo wings are not hot in a spicy sense at all, and taste more like vinegar than anything else.  I could feel it burning through my sinuses, and make my eyes water, yet they didn’t taste hot.  It’s weird. Although, I will admit, they look fantastic in the TV ad.

Seriously, save your money and avoid these.  I suppose that it’s possible that we had a bad batch, but I’m not willing to spend any more money on these to find out.