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Published October 21, 2012 - 1 Comment

This was my weekend to have the children.  I was informed that there would be an additional visitor accompanying them.  Pippi.

Apparently my daughter was student of the week, and as such, was rewarded by being allowed to take the class hamster home for the weekend… or in this case… bring it to my place.  Wonderful.

I thought that the whole nocturnal thing might be a problem, but apparently Pippi is pretty quiet at night.  She played in her wheel for a bit but didn’t make much of a racket.

I think that the highlight of Pippi’s visit was the crazy ball that she gets to run around in.  My hardwood floors were an excellent surface for her in that ball… and I sooooo wish that we could have borrowed a cat for the weekend… Just imagine that green ball scooting down the hall with a cat in hot pursuit…  I was tempted to just let her drive down the stairs  🙂

Ah well… we survived the weekend… or more aptly.. Pippi survived the weekend.  Here’s hoping that’s the end of any furry four legged visitor sleepovers!