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Pepsi Launches “Fat Blocker” Cola! Why Didn’t I Think of That? Oh Wait.. I Did!

Published November 15, 2012 - 5 Comments

I’ve been saying for years that they need to come out with a way of making Coke healthy.  I don’t mean “less sugar”… I mean healthy!  Just slip some vitamins, or special ingredient (other than dark rum) into it, and market it as a health drink.

Well apparently I wasn’t far off.

Pepsi has introduced Pepsi Special in Japan, which is marketed as a “fat blocker”, by including something called dextrin (a little too close to Dexter for my liking!).  Near as I can tell, dextrins are some sort of fibre that the body can’t digest, which also attract fat to bond with them, before getting vacated from the body.  No wonder the marketing people went with “fat blocker”.

Are you listening, Coca-Cola?!  Are you listening?!

Unfortunately the chances of ever seeing Pepsi Special on North American shelves are slim to none


Sorry.. I had to!  🙂