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Over the Hill… And Going Faster by the Day… (repost)

Published September 19, 2011 - 2 Comments
[Originally posted Jan 25, 2009]

One of the great joys of being a “mature” student at university is walking around and feeling like you’re old… REALLY old. To illustrate that point, I draw upon something that I overheard the other day. A pair of “kids” (essentially) were discussing a mutually-known acquaintance.

“I hear that (insert name) has a new boyfriend”

“Yeah. He’s 22!”

“Really? He doesn’t look 22!”

“No kidding.. but she’s happy”

I’m sitting there, trying not to cringe. And I’m wondering what on earth a 22 year old looks like, and if that seems old to them, then I must be elderly in comparison.

Ah well… when I consider the fact that I’ve been going to that university just as long as some of these people have been alive, I guess that puts it into perspective.

I saw on the news tonight that I can order a diploma from any university that I want, complete with a transcript of marks, and the company will backup any background checks from potential employers.. all for the low price of $200US. That sure seems like a bargain to me! I actually wouldn’t mind having my doctorate. I don’t have another 60 years to put in, but I can probably scrounge up the $200US!

Dr Steve… I like the sound of that!