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On Vacation – 2 Weeks!

Published June 29, 2013 - 0 Comments

I’m on vacation!  For 2 whole weeks!  So you know what THAT means, right?  If it’s raining wherever you are when you’re reading this… It’s my fault.  You’re welcome!  And if you would like to book a spot on my Ark, there might be a little room left between the Rhinos and Hippos… so good luck!

Yes, the long term forecast looks suspiciously like Stephen vacation weather… wet.  Downpours.  Thunder and lightning.  Light rain.  End of Days.  Needless to say, I’m not planning on venturing far from home.  Perhaps a nice “staycation”, if you will. It’s cheaper that way, and I’ve discovered that being a home owner can be rather costly.

One of my goals over the next two weeks is to complete a course that I signed up for called Make Your First Dollar by the folks at AppSumo. I know that a lot of people equate making money online with scammers… and there certainly is a lot of that… but there are also some really good online businesses out there, and I plan on being one of them.  I needed a little boost, so I decided to buy that course… and so far I’m loving it!

You may have seen the video below already.  I posted it yesterday, but I’ve discovered a way to embed it directly into the site, rather than through YouTube… which I think gives it a much more natural feel.  So I’m posting it again!  I’m pretty proud of it, considering I have zero artistic ability.