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Old Man Winter.. How I Despise Thee…

Published September 26, 2009 - 2 Comments

I absolutely refuse to turn the heat on before October 1!  It’s been a “rule” of mine for as long as I’ve been paying for heat.  I’ll wrap myself in a blanket (or three), like an enchilada and shuffle around… but I won’t turn on the heat.  I’d rather break the piano into pieces of firewood and roast marsh mellows in the dining room.  But that thermostat won’t budge until October!

This morning, when I stepped outside at 6am and took a breath of that crisp air, I thought to myself “what a nice morning”.  Then promptly dashed to my car, whereby I noticed something peculiar about the state of its being…    IT WAS COVERED IN THICK FROST!  The first frost of the season.

Frost wouldn’t be so bad except that:

a. I don’t have a scraper in the car, and probably couldn’t find it in the house if I had to.

b. Although my car heater works, the direction switch doesn’t, and instead of blowing hot air on the windshield where I want it, it blows directly in my face, lulling me to sleep.  That makes for a very interesting (ie dangerous) drive to work in the morning.  I was pretty much almost there before I could see through the windshield properly, and resolved to biting the bullet and calling Kia on Monday to have that fixed. 

I hate cars.  I hate winter.  I hate cars in winter.