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Oh Sweet Papa John’s… How I Missed You So

Published June 29, 2009 - 3 Comments

Saturday night was a great night!  The concert was absolutely amazing, and to top it off, I discovered that one of my most memorable pizza experiences has come to Canada!  As we were walking to the concert a Papa John’s pizza delivery car went by us in the opposite direction.  I was stunned! I had no idea that they had come north of the border.

Many moons ago, I worked in San Diego.  One of my fondest memories of that job was being at work dressed in shorts, tshirt, ballcap, sandals, with my feet kicked up on my desk, my keyboard in my lap, and a Papa John’s pizza beside me.  It almost became something of a caricature of sorts.  I loved that pizza.  I loved the garlic butter that they included to dip my crust in.  I doubt that my heart loved it as much as the rest of me, but I loved it anyway. And over the years I’ve pushed back the memory, letting it resurface during the occasional TV commercial.

Until now.

We ordered two medium pizzas with the works.  With delivery and taxes, it came to $32 which seemed pretty steep, but I didn’t care. I had just watched Bon Jovi work 33,000 people into a frenzy and now I wanted to rekindle the memory of forgotten pizza love. $32 was the price of admission.

I was not disappointed. It was exactly how I remembered it… right down to the garlic butter, and the hot pepper included in the box.  I dipped my crusts and enjoyed every bite.

We looked at the Papa John’s Canadian website.  Not only was I surprised to see that Moncton was the only location in New Brunswick, they are the only location in Atlantic Canada.  Even more surprising, there are only 4 locations in Ontario, and only 1 in British Columbia. For some reason there are 14 locations in Alberta, more than the rest of the country combined.  I have no idea what’s up with that.

A two hour drive seems a little much to go for pizza, but now I have another option when I’m travelling through Moncton and want to stop for a bite to eat.

Thanks Papa John’s… Thanks for the memories!