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I’m Off to See the Wizard…

Published March 18, 2011 - 4 Comments

I tweeted earlier in the week about some possible good news…  Now’s as good a time as any to announce that it looks like I am heading to Toronto in May because of WordCamp Toronto 2011.  Notice I say “because of”… not “to attend”.  No, I have no plans to attend WordCamp.  I think I’d be a little outmatched by some of the people there, and somehow it just doesn’t seem like my thing.

“Hi, I run a fledgling blog about  ________ with a few thousand subscribers…   I know that’s a little small, but I hope to make it to the Big Leagues someday… what do you do?”

“I bitch and complain about life… I have about 5 subscribers, depending on whether my Mum and Sister are checking up on me that day…”


So.. if not to attend WordCamp Toronto 2011.. why then would I be interested in it?  Well, the reason is quite simple… I received a heads-up that someone I’ve chatted back and forth with for awhile has decided to speak at the event.  Yup, you guessed it!  Yasmine Mustafa, founder and CEO of 123LinkIt is coming to Canada!  I’m pretty stoked!  I’ve gotta be, if I’m gonna do a 18 hour drive to Toronto just to sit down and have a bite to eat with this person!  (And let me tell ya, if she doesn’t whip out the company credit card and expense my meal, I’m gonna be pissed!  OK.. maybe not…)

I think that I’m going to work the trip to Toronto into part of an early vacation.  I’ve never actually been to Toronto before, so there are definitely some things that I’m interested in finally seeing.  Remember my list of 130 Things About Me?  Somewhere on that list it mentions visiting each of our provinces and territories at least once.  It’s not like this will be my first time visiting Ontario, so it really doesn’t count… but another thing on my list is to see Niagara Falls.  So that will be a must-see!

So there you have it.  WordCamp Toronto 2011.  May 14, 2011.  Somewhere in Toronto.  I’m sure that it’ll be easy to find.  Just follow all the bloggers…