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O Christmas Tree

Published December 1, 2009 - 2 Comments

There’s something about searching for the perfect Christmas tree that still gives me a funny little feeling deep inside.  Growing up, my family always had a real tree.  There was never any question about that.  The better question was how many times the cat would knock it over.  It didn’t seem to matter how well secured it was in the stand, it was inevitable that we’d either get woken up in the middle of the night, or come home to a fallen tree and broken ornaments.  Even tying string around it, and anchoring it to the wall didn’t seem to work.  It became a frustrating tradition in our family.

After my sister and I moved out, my parents made the switch from a real tree to an artificial one.  My first thought was “sacrilege”.  How could they do that?  What happened to trying to find the “good” side, and hide that little bare patch, or wayward branch that was part of every tree?

When my own children were born, I knew that I wanted them to experience the real thing.  No fake trees in our household!  The last Christmas that we were still all together, was the first and only time that we picked out the tree as a family.  Convincing my son that we didn’t have the ceilings for the giant monster tree that he wanted was a bit of a challenge, but eventually we all came to agreement, and brought home our tree.

Last year was my first Christmas on my own.  I didn’t bother to set up a tree, or any other decorations for that matter.  It seemed like too much work, and I really wasn’t in the mood.

This year is different.  This year I want to set up a tree.  The big question is whether to go and find that perfect tree, or to invest in an artificial one.  I know that the artificial tree has many advantages over the real one.  It’s easier to set up and take down, and will eventually pay for itself.  And they really don’t look all that bad now.  In fact, many of them look pretty darn nice.

But it’s just not the same.

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