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Not as Stupid as I Look!

Published June 15, 2010 - 19 Comments

I had one of those rare conversations tonight that reminded me that I might not be as hopeless as I think sometimes!  When there’s zero pressure to impress, and nothing at stake, it’s actually quite refreshingly fun!

I stopped in at Sholtens’s near Fredericton for supper.  While I was standing there, trying to figure out what to order, the girl behind the counter laughed and said “I must be stupid, because I just read your t-shirt”.  It took me a split second to realize what she was referring to.  I often forget when I throw this t-shirt on in the morning that it has a clear message on it.

Well, since she had opened up the door to conversation, I figured that I might as well walk through it.  “I like your nails”, I told her.  They were silver.  Not a colour I’m used to seeing on fingernails, but they looked kinda neat.  Apparently my attention to detail impressed her.  “Thanks, I did them myself!”  We were on a roll.

There was a little bit of back and forth banter, and then she looked at me and said “Did I ask you already if this was to go?”

“Yes.. several times, in fact.”

She laughed.. “Are you making fun of me?”


Then I noticed that she was drawing arrows all over the receipt, presumably to indicate that my poutine was supposed to go with the club sandwich.  And the other poutine was supposed to go with the chicken dinner.  Not that it really mattered.  I watched her do this for a bit and asked her “Is that supposed to be some sort of treasure map?”  She laughed again and tried to pull it away, but I reached for it.

Then I made mention that this conversation would be perfect material for the blog.  “You’re going to write about me in your blog?”  She actually seemed surprisingly happy about that.

No, not you.  *this*”   And as I glanced at the receipt, I made mention that it didn’t include her name, so I would have to refer to her as Togo, since that is what it looked like she had written there.

At this point she told me her name, and then said “I’ll write it down for you because you won’t know how to spell it right”

I can be pretty quick when I want to be, and I knew that it wouldn’t be the common spelling, so…

“A-S-H-L-E-I-G-H ?”

Was she ever surprised!

“You’re not as dumb as you look!”, she said, with an evil grin.


Oh this girl was good.  She could dish it out as well as she could take it!

As the conversation wore on, she wanted to know when I was going to post on the blog.  She told me that she tried blogging but couldn’t keep up with it.  I showed her my smashed iPhone.  She asked where I was from.  I confirmed her bathroom floor water festish.  I could have easily stood there all day.  I also scrawled the blog address on the back of a piece of paper for her…

“Awww.. are you writing me a note?”

“Nope.. this is the address for the blog.. if you get bored.”

Then she smiled and handed me my supper…  “Have a good trip back to Saint John, Stephen” she told me.

“Thank you, Ashleigh.  You have a good night.”

Then I walked out of there with a smile on my face… thinking  “She’ll never read the blog… it’s all good.”

20 minutes later I was walking back in again.  I think she probably thought I was stalking her at this point.

“Umm.. did you notice any food back there that you might have forgotten to give me?”, I asked.   She looked at me blankly.  “The chicken pieces, perhaps?”

Then she saw them sitting in the box, and went to get them.  She apologized.  It’s ok, I thought.  She’s cute.

“Not a problem!  That’s just another paragraph in the blog post!”  I told her.

It’s just a tiny little snapshot of a conversation that lasted no more than 15 minutes, but put a smile on my face.

Tomorrow is another day!