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Apple Announces No New iPhones… Hooray!

Published June 12, 2013 - 1 Comment

silver-apple-logoApple had their big conference earlier this week.  Despite all sorts of speculation that a new iPhone was going to be announced, the event concluded without any such revelation.  I am probably one of the few Apple lovers who was actually happy about the lack of a new iPhone.  Seeing as I just bought my iPhone 5 last month, I wasn’t looking forward to seeing it become obsolete so soon.  At least now I can cling to the illusion non-obsolescence a little longer!

I do have to say that I love my iPhone 5.  I upgraded from a 3GS, which has been a fantastic phone, but was beginning to show its age.  The iPhone 5 is so much faster, and with 64GB of storage, I don’t have to worry about filling it up yet.  It’s considerably smaller than the 3GS, but my decision to purchase an OtterBox case dramatically adds to its size.  The OtterBox is a virtual fortress of protection, but makes the iPhone 5 rather clunky.. not unlike a 3GS!  I’m quite used to its size, but I keep joking that if I ever do take it out of the OtterBox for some reason, I’m not going to want to put it back in there.  It’s just such a sleek form factor.

This phone should do me quite well for the next few years!