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Newest Robotech Fan

Published January 23, 2011 - 6 Comments

Veritech Fighter in Battloid Configuration

One of the great things about being a parent is watching your child’s interests develop as they get older… and take on certain similarities to your own…

I wasn’t sure what my little guy would think of my favourite childhood cartoon, Robotech.  OK, maybe “childhood” isn’t really the right word.  I was a teenager when the show was on.  But it remains one of my favourite memories of that time.  I remember getting off the school bus every weekday and rushing up to my parents’ house, down into the basement, to plop my skinny ass (yes, that’s right) in front of the TV.  And I still remember the horror of the day when Jem and the Holograms came on instead of Robotech.  Oh, was I not happy!  That was when I discovered I could pay $20US for a VHS tape with 6 episodes on it.  And so the collection began…

The Robotech that we’re familiar with in North America is an 85 episode series that combines 3 separate Japanese story-lines into 1 sequential time-line.  If you missed an episode, you missed part of the story.  And Robotech really is about the story.  It’s more than just humans in transformable robots, fighting to save their planet from alien invaders.  The first series revolves around a good ole fashion love triangle.  The second and third series have their emotional elements as well, but in my opinion the first series will always represent Robotech to me.

Robotech was also ahead of its time in that characters actually died.  It was not another GI Joe, where an epic battle somehow resulted in no casualties and the bad guys dropping their weapons and surrendering.   No, Robotech was “real”.

Zentraedi Female Power Armour

One day when my kids came to visit, I introduced them to Robotech.  I wasn’t sure what they would think of it.  Not surprisingly, my daughter wasn’t really thrilled.  She’d rather watch one of the many Barbie movies that we have.  That’s ok… I wasn’t really counting on her to like it.  I was more interested in what my son would think of it.  He loved it!

I picture him going to school and telling his friends that he watched Robotech, and them not having a clue what he’s talking about.  But it’s great!  As soon as he gets here, he wants to watch another episode.  I actually had to restrict him a little because he was hogging the TV and it was getting a little excessive.  But I’m glad that he likes it.

The strange thing about me and Robotech is that I never finished all 85 episodes!  The television station that aired them in the 80s didn’t show them all.  Once it reached a certain point of the 3rd series, they went back to episode 1 of the first series.  And even though I have the entire thing downloaded and sitting on my hard drive, I’ve never sat down to watch the end of the 3rd series.

Now my little guy is ahead of me!  He’s seen all of the TV episodes, and is dying to watch the Robotech movie The Shadow Chronicles.

I’ve stopped him there until I can catch up.  I’d like to make it a Daddy-Son bonding time.  I think he’d like that.  Or maybe he’d just want to watch the movie, and won’t see the significance of the moment.  That could be too.

But I’ll enjoy it.