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Need a Reminder of How Old You Truly Are? The Olsen Twins Turn 28 Years Old Today.

Published June 13, 2014 - 2 Comments

All Grown Up

You probably don’t require a reminder of just how old you’ve suddenly become, but here’s one anyway!  Mary-Kate and Ashley (or The Olsen Twins, as we all like to call them) are celebrating their 28th birthday today.  That’s right, little Michelle Tanner is 28 years old.  Hard to believe!  Maybe even harder to believe is why anyone would really care!  I certainly don’t.  I heard the “news” on the radio this morning as I came into work, and immediately forgot about it within seconds.  It was only as I found myself sitting here on my lunch break wondering what I should blog about today, that I looked online and noticed that the twins managed to make the headlines there too.  Apparently they’re still a fashion powerhouse, although they’ve since moved from the pre-teen into the young adult market.  Good call.

Forbes had the twins listed at #11 on their “Twenty Richest Females” list back in 2007, with $100 million.Olsen Twins  I wasn’t able to find anything more current.  OK, I didn’t try very hard.  But I don’t imagine that they’ve spent too much of that money.  It’s funny… when I think back to Full House… did it ever occur to anyone that these little girls were going to end up filthy rich?

Probably not.

Then again, you probably never pictured yourself getting old, either.

You’re welcome.