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MyFitnessPal: 1 Week Later

Published October 23, 2011 - 4 Comments

Well, believe it or not…  I’m still going strong on MyFitnessPal.com!  I’ve been logging everything that I’ve eaten for the last week, and resisted the urge to cheat or accidentally leave something out.

My night shifts were horrible, but that’s to be expected.  It’s interesting to see HOW BAD things can get when you get off track for even a single meal.  I know that I’ve seen the numbers for fast food meals before, but it wasn’t until I started tracking them in relation to regular meals and total calories for the day that I realized what kind of impact they can have.  I can easily exceed my entire calorie count for the day with a single meal!  Have an appetizer and dessert?  I’m done for 2 days!  That’s scary because I normally wouldn’t even think about something like that.  I’d just eat whatever I wanted… and well..  now I’m 228 lbs with high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and who knows what else that hasn’t been detected yet.

So I went grocery shopping yesterday.  I’ve read labels before, but not like this.  It took forever going through everything before dropping it into the cart.  Some stuff I just had to bite the bullet and buy.  I can’t give up some things.  I just need to take them in moderation.  But I was amazed at how different things can be!  A can of Graves beans in mollasses is 330 calories for 250 mls.  That same portion of Clark’s beans?  170 calories!  That’s a huge difference!  I’m not even sure which one I prefer (if I even do).  I just usually buy whatever’s on sale.. and will probably still do that, but I will have to be more aware of when I’m eating the higher calorie one.

That’s one thing that I’ve learned this week.  There is a lot of decision making when it comes to what to put in my mouth.  IF I want this, then I have to give up that.  When you can clearly see the numbers in front of you, and you only have a certain limit that you can go to… if I blow it all in one area, I’m screwed.  I’m finally realizing what they mean when they refer to Coke as “empty calories”.  That’s 160 calories of my daily limit chewed up quickly, and not very filling at all!  If I have a glass of Coke with a meal (ok, let’s be honest… it’s probably two glasses) then I’m at 320 calories… that’s a fair amount for something that doesn’t do much other than taste really good at the time.

So how am I doing weight-wise?  It’s really too early to tell at this point.  I inputted 228 lb as my weight when I started, and yesterday I was 226.4 lb.  BUT… My weight seems to naturally bounce between 223-229 lbs anyway… so there’s nothing saying that it wouldn’t have gone down anyway.  The big test will be the next weigh in; if it’s down or not.

I’m loving the social network aspect of the site.  A few of you have joined the site, if only to say HI and kick me in the butt.  I appreciate that.  For anyone who’s not a member of the site, I think that you can still follow this link and look at my wonderful progress.