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My, What a Large Uvula You’ve Got! (repost)

Published September 23, 2011 - 0 Comments
[Originally posted Apr 8, 2009]

I woke up this morning with a bit of a problem.  I breathe through my mouth while I’m sleeping, and this morning my mouth and throat were as dry as a desert.  I tried to swallow, and it was like rubbing sandpaper together.  Not a pleasant experience.  I had to get up and get a mouthful of water and ease it into my throat.  Then I was off for my doctor’s appointment.  Time for a blood pressure checkup.

When the doctor walked in and asked me how I was doing, I told her that my throat was bothering me.  It felt like there was a large piece of skin or something in my throat, and it was difficult to swallow, and even to talk.  So she looked in there with the large popsicle stick and a light.

“EWWW!  Yuck!”

I’m not sure how many years of medical school it took to learn those technical terms, but I laughed.  And then she told me that I have a very large uvula.  I, of course, took that as a compliment.  “Why thank you”, I said…. knowing full well that it was the dangly thing in the back of my throat, but feigning ignorance.  It’s always been larger than normal, I guess.  Today, it’s even more impressive.

I typically head into the clinic once during the winter complaining of sore tonsils, and get the standard 10 days of penicillin.  It works like a charm.  Goes away in about 3 days, and then I spend another 7 days trying to remember to take the remaining pills.  For some reason, I’m better at remembering those pills, than I am with my blood pressure pills.  Getting back on topic, I remarked recently that I had not visited a clinic this winter.  Well, the doctor looked at my uvula and tonsils and decided that she’d better write me a prescription for ole faithful 10 day dose.

Then she took my blood pressure.  Hmm… not so good.  People ask me what the numbers are.  If I don’t write them down, I never remember them.  But they weren’t good.  She decided to double my daily intake, back to the original 10mg. She had cut it in half 2 years ago when I had dropped 40 pounds, but now that I’m regained all of that… well.. the numbers are back up, and the 5mg simply isn’t working.  And she not-so-subtly reminded me that I need to start exercising again.  And eat better.  Supposedly there’s some sort of correlation between diet, exercise, high blood pressure and heart attack that I should be aware of.  I told her that I would familiarize myself with the basics and see what I could do.

Oh, and she asked me if I snored.  I laughed.  Do I snore?  Umm.. yeah…  you could say that I do.  I’m sure the neighbours would agree!  She’s going to have someone from a sleep study contact me, because apparently my snoring, and potential sleep apnea, aren’t all that good either.  Something about strain on the heart.  And sure, I’m young enough (for now).. but..  I guess that this is one of those things that we don’t want to let go on forever.

So it’s off to the drug store now to pick up my new prescriptions wait for the sleep guys to call!