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My Site is Powered By Windmills? What Happened to All the Hamsters?

Published January 21, 2011 - 0 Comments

I normally don’t bother to read the emails that come from my web hosting provider unless they appear to be system messages.  They tend to send out helpful little marketing emails that I probably SHOULD be reading more often, but they usually just end up getting lost in the shuffle.  But there was something about the email yesterday that caught my attention…

“The website you host at PowWeb is powered 100% by wind power!”


My first thought was that the hamsters were on strike… or worse.. dead!  I pictured mass hamster suicides all over the server farm… It was a messy image!  Hey, if 5000 blackbirds can mysteriously fall out of the sky, then it can happen in the server farm too!

It’s kinda neat to think that my website might stop working if the wind stops blowing.  That would suck.  I’m sure that they have a backup plan in the event that happens.  If not the hamsters, maybe we can train squirrels, or gnomes to run on their little treadmills.

In actual fact, I’m impressed that PowWeb has taken that step.  Running a server farm 24/7 has got to produce a pretty hefty power bill.  Maybe even more than it takes me to heat this place!  Maybe. And anything they can do to reduce their eco-footprint… well if Al Gore says that’s important, then I believe him!

Their email went on to explain the perceived value to companies who claim to be eco-friendly, or green.  Social conscious or some such thing.  I don’t believe that I have ever used that criteria to determine where to spend my hard-earned money, but I suppose there must be someone out there who does.  They probably recycle too.  Bastards.

I guess the main thing to take away from this post is that the hamsters are alive and well… they’re retiring on a nice tropical island somewhere, laughing at the rest of us…  As long as the wind keeps blowing…