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My (rust) Bucket List

Published August 20, 2011 - 0 Comments

I was looking at my car the other night, and noticing that the rust is starting to take hold.  It’s not really any wonder.  It’s a 2002 Kia Spectra, and to say that I don’t really take all that good care of it would be a bit of an understatement.  It’s never been undercoated, waxed.. I’m not even sure if it’s been washed.  OK, maybe when it was brand new.  But now it’s closing in on 10 years, and that’s the magic number that I’ve always told myself.  I want to get 10 years out of it, drive it into the ground, and then get something new.  I usually say “Lexus” although in truth, it doesn’t matter what.  I just want something that’s a bit of a step up from my Spectra.  Now with the rust starting to spread, I know that 10 years will be a good run for that car, and have started to keep my eye out for something else.  I’m not in any huge rush.  I imagine that I’ll wait until the spring/summer of 2012 before I take anything out for a test drive.  I just want to get through the winter with this one and then see what happens.  That was the plan.

That very same night that I noticed the rust, was the same night that I was going into work… to find out that a major announcement had been made that day that dramatically changes the way my life course was going.  Our CEO announced a voluntary layoff package for unionized employees with no cap on the number of people who can go, and extending eligibility into 2013.  It’s pretty obvious what’s going on, and within my own group more than 50% of employees are eligible to go.  Outside, things are even more grim.  Most of the seasoned network technicians are within that retirement span, and so many of them have been saying that they’re leaving… there’s not going to be anyone left outside.  And with no one outside, those of us who are inside don’t really have any reason to be there.  If you don’t see me driving a company truck within the next 12 months I will be extremely surprised.

Life as we know it has come screeching to an end.  It’s time to make some serious decisions.