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Published July 11, 2013 - 3 Comments

As my vacation quickly nears its end, I am forced to think back to what I have actually accomplished over the last nearly two weeks.  And I’ve come up with the following…


It’s been great.  Resting.  Relaxing.  A few minor projects here and there.  But for the most part… not much of anything!

Oh, I have watched a fair number of movies in that time.  Wow… everything from pure talentless shit…  to Oscar award winning masterpieces.  Here’s my quick and dirty on the last 2 weeks worth…

Identity Thief

I had high hopes for this comedy.  I’d seen both Jason Bateman and Melissa McCarthy on The Daily Show talk about this movie.  They showed a couple of clips that were quite funny.  Unfortunately those were the only funny parts of the movie.  It was pretty disappointing.


If you haven’t watched this movie, you really should.  The story is compelling, and Daniel Day-Lewis IS Lincoln.  I really only knew bits and pieces about the man who ended slavery, and this was a real eye-opener.  I think everyone should watch this movie, regardless of whether or not you live in the USA.

Now You See Me

Of all the movies that I watched during my vacation, this was the only one that I went to the theatre to see.  I’d heard good things about it, and the previews certainly looked interesting.  A group of 4 illusionists who rob banks during their performances, and then give the money to the audience.  What’s not to love?  It was a lot of fun to watch… right up until the last 10 minutes.  I hated the ending.  I really did.  So much so that it really ruined the experience.  It’s a shame because I thought that it was a pretty good movie until then.

Django Unchained

Quentin Tarantino.  You either love him, or you hate him.  I’ve never been a fan.  I will say that this movie was far more tolerable for me than some of his others.  Jamie Foxx is great.  Still not a Tarantino fan though…

Spring Breakers

I’ll admit it… the only reason I watched this movie was to see Selena Gomez riding around on a scooter wearing a bikini.  Four college girls get into trouble during Spring Break and get bailed out by a crazy drug dealer?  Sign me up!  Unfortunately no amount of copious gratuitous flesh could save this abysmal attempt at a movie.  I feel sorry for the actresses who attached their names to this project.  Wow.  The best part of this movie (other than the moment the ending credits rolled) was actually James Franco as the crazy drug dealer.  What a nut.  But everything else?  Even with the eye candy… stay away from this one.  Horrid.

Despicable Me

After seeing the previews for Despicable Me 2, I decided to go back and re-watch the first one.  What an awesome movie!  It’s funny.  It’s smart.  The kids loved it.  I loved it.  I really hope that the second one is as awesome as the first one is.


If flying isn’t your thing… this movie isn’t going to help!  The crash scene is a little intense.  I’m pretty sure that I had to remind myself to breathe more than once!  But this movie isn’t really about a plane crash… it’s about the investigation into that crash.  I enjoyed it.  And for fans of My Name is Earl‘s Catalina… there’s a treat for you in the very first scene!

Zero Dark Thirty

This is the hunt for Osama bin Laden (who shockingly has his own page on IMDB).  I have no doubt that Hollywood took some liberties to make it more exciting, but I don’t fault them for that.  It was a good movie.


Sure… it’s not a movie, but it’s a hell of a lot more entertaining than some of the above mentioned!  I sat and watched an entire season 4 with my partner in crime, Jess, until 3 in the morning.  Hank Moody is my hero.  I worship him.  I want to BE him.  Yup, I said it.