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Movie Time! XMen First Class

Published September 25, 2011 - 1 Comment

I like the XMen franchise, but I was quite leery about this particular movie.  I guess that I wasn’t really interested in seeing the mutants as youngsters.  There’s just something about using different actors for familiar characters that doesn’t always work for me.

Not this time!  I was pleasantly surprised by almost everything in this movie.  (The one exception was the guy who could fly by bouncing sound frequencies off surfaces… I really thought that entire plot line was just lame…     then again, Jennifer Lawrence as a young Mystique… well..   I can overlook Banshee boy… )

But as good as Mystique looked… this has to be my favourite part of the entire movie… there is a series of quick clips where Eric and Xavier introduce themselves to other mutants to recruit them to their cause…   and then there’s this: