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Movie Time: The Book of Eli

Published February 8, 2010 - 0 Comments

Lately when I’ve gone to see a movie, I really haven’t reviewed it, so much as just given a quick overview and said “Go see it!”  or “Wait until it comes out on video”.  Well, this one is going to be different… so please.. STOP READING RIGHT NOW IF YOU ARE PLANNING ON GOING TO SEE THIS MOVIE, BECAUSE I *AM* GOING TO RUIN A MAIN PART OF THIS MOVIE IF YOU KEEP READING!

Still reading?

You’ve been warned.

Actually, I’m hoping that someone who has already seen The Book of Eli will read this and chime in.. either tell me that I’m completely out to lunch, or agree with me.  It doesn’t matter which.

Paul and I went to watch The Book of Eli on Thursday night.  We’ve been meaning to go see it, and our schedules finally matched!  So off we went, shelled out the big bucks for the tickets, and even bigger bucks for the crappy popcorn, fountain pop, and a kit-katt bar.


I had written a few pages and found that I was rambling, so I deleted everything up til that line…  I’ll get right to it…

I completely accept that Eli may have been guided by “The Hand of God”… even when it IS revealed that he’s somehow blind.  His mission is to protect that Bible, and if God gives him the ability to kick some serious ass, then great.  But what I CAN’T figure out is why we don’t see that he’s blind along the way.  Yeah, I realize that would ruin the surprise, but throughout the movie there are times when his sunglasses are off.. do his eyes ever look “grey” or “dead” like they do at the end?  Did he go blind along the way?  No, I don’t think so.  He’s able to read the brail bible, so he’s more than likely blind at the beginning of the journey.  Unless I’m missing something (and I might very well be… if so, please tell me!) it’s almost like he just suddenly becomes blind at the end. Yes, there are instances where he relies on his sense of smell… if he has lost the ability to see, then the other senses would become more aware.  I understand that.  But it’s the eyes that bother me.  They don’t LOOK to be blind during any part of the movie, except conveniently at the end.

And as for Mila Kunis’ character… what was the point of her?  Really.. c’mon now…  Eye candy?  Comic relief?  The story could have progressed quite nicely without her.  If she was necessary to advance the storyline while Eli was still in town, fine… he’s a holier man than most, and refused to take advantage of her…  but that’s it.  I just didn’t see the need for her at all.  And the final scene where she straps on weapons and prepares to walk home like some battle-hardened warrior princess…  Oh please…   It just didn’t fit.

Argh..  I normally don’t care about gaping holes in movie plots… I usually just accept things at face value because it’s entertainment.  I strap myself in for the ride, and I either like it, or I don’t.. based on whatever emotion I feel at the end.  I don’t try to analyze every little thing, and it actually bothers me that this movie didn’t just roll off of me as pure entertainment.

Still.. I liked it.  I just really could have used an explanation of Eli’s “sudden” blindness.  Mila?  Well… I could have gotten over that part…  but the blindness?

I think I’ll have to get this when it comes out on DVD and pay closer attention.