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Movie Time – Iron Man 3

Published May 5, 2013 - 1 Comment

This blog post is going to contain spoilers, so if you have any desire to see Iron Man 3 in the theatre, I suggest that you stop reading this now, and go find something else to do.

No really.  Go.  Get outta here.

Still reading?  Fine… you’ve been warned…


OK, no it didn’t… but I just wanted to put that in to throw off anyone who might still be on the fence whether or not to read this post.  Did it work?

First of all, if you are a big Marvel Comics fan and you have forgotten about the awful taste left in your mouth after reading my post on The Avengers, I suggest that you go back and read that one.  It’s a great segway into this post.  Actually, that movie is referenced a few times in Iron Man 3, but it’s not required viewing for this one to make sense.  Or nonsense, depending on your viewpoint.

My buddy and I went out to the Empire Theatres in Rothesay, where thankfully you don’t have to go through their ridiculous “assigned seating” bullshit.  It’s just like the old days… you get your ticket, walk into the theatre, look around.. and decide where you want to sit based on what you can see is available.  And if you decide that you don’t like that seat, you get up and move to another one.  It’s a perfect system.  I wonder if it’ll catch on?  But I digress.

This was yet another 3D movie that had no business being 3D.  I’m getting really tired of the money grab called 3D Movies.  I would have watched a non-3D version, but that wasn’t an option.  So for an extra $3 added to an oh-so-already-affordable ticket and concession price, I got to watch a movie that barely took advantage of 3D technology in any way.  Trust me, your experience will not be lessened in any way if you decide to save yourself a couple of bucks and suffer through good ole fashion 2D.  Just be thankful you’re seeing it in colour, and no sub-titles!

At 2 hours and 10 mins Iron Man 3 is pushing my limits to comfortably sit still.  I’m an old man.  My attention span is waning.  Then throw in a two-hander mega-gulp fountain Coke… and well.. 2 hours and 10 mins (not to mention the 20-30 mins of sitting there waiting for the movie to start) is just too long.  This movie could have easily cut 20 mins out and not skipped a beat.  It just feels like they are adding things to movies now just for the sake of adding them.  I don’t get it.

Plot wise…  Iron Man faces off against The Mandarin, who is terrorizing the American people with one hell of an explosive weapon.  There’s a really neat plot twist that I never saw coming, and as much as I warned you about spoilers… I think that this one is big enough to hold onto and let you experience it for yourself.  Let’s just say that Ben Kingsley is awesome!

I’m not a Gwyneth Paltrow hater, but the role of Pepper Potts is getting out of hand.  I understand that Tony Stark needs Pepper… I get that.  But when she’s wearing an Iron Man suit or going toe to toe with a bad guy because she’s all juiced up…. Yeah, stop that.

I will say that Robert Downey Jr is once again excellent as Tony Stark.  He truly was meant for that role!  I just wish that these movies didn’t try to rely so heavily on the special effects… but then again… it’s a comic book, so I’m probably putting too much thought into it.