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Movie Night! GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra

Published August 10, 2009 - 3 Comments

Went to go see GI Joe last night.  The first thing that I have to say is about  the theatre, not the movie…

EMPIRE THEATRES, PLEASE LISTEN TO ME!  I SHOULDN’T *HAVE* TO STAND IN THE CONCESSION LINE JUST TO BUY A FREAKIN’ TICKET!  Put someone back out in the front desk!  Please!  I will say that I actually don’t mind the bank-style single-file line.  It eliminates the whole “which line is moving quicker?” dilemma that I inevitably always make the wrong choice in.  Although I did feel like cattle moving through the Walmart checkout… all that was missing was the hollow-sounding voice.  “Please go to – 3…  Please go to – 1” etc…

The first thing that I noticed when I got into the theatre was the disproportional number of males to females.  This truly is a guy’s movie, and it appeared that most of the crowd was comprised of guys who used to have GI Joe toys.  Guilty!

As for the movie itself, it’s actually not bad!  If you like explosions and things that go BOOM in the night, you’ll love GI Joe.  The effects are excellent (not that I’d expect them not to be at this point).  There are explosions upon explosions.  I’m not completely sold on Dennis Quaid as General Hawk, but they more than made up for it with Sienna Miller as The Baroness.  I don’t remember having a Baroness action figure when I was a kid.  At the time, I thought Cobra Commander was what I really wanted.  Boy, was I wrong.  And ofcourse they had to throw in a fight scene between The Baroness and Scarlett. Yup! Yup!

Most people probably wouldn’t notice this, but the product placement was a little annoying.  Cisco was prominently displayed, but I’m getting used to seeing those now.  But when I saw “Norton Security” protecting some top secret military server, I almost choked on my insanely overpriced popcorn.  WHAT?  Norton Security?  Give me a break.

But the best.. the very best.. was the cameo appearance by the Coke polar bear!  He didn’t actually HAVE a Coke in his mighty paw, but I’m not the only one who commented on the scene.  As my buddy said, you could almost hear the “holidays are coming!” theme in the background.  I almost expected to see him turn to face the camera and smirk! Awesome!

All in all, the movie was very entertaining.  I thought that the ending was a little weak, but they were obviously playing to the slew of sequels to follow.  This movie was more about setting the stage for things to come, than a complete story-line from start to finish. Pretty good though!

Yo Joe!