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More Like AboutStephen

Published December 8, 2010 - 12 Comments

Twitter has this little feature on their website that recommends random people to you, based on some magical guess at who you might be interested in following.  I’m sure that it’s a Facebook-like thing, because it’s quite annoying, but there doesn’t seem to be a way of shutting it off, so I’ve gotten used to it.  If you click on someone, it will show you two other people who are supposedly similar to that person.  I have no idea what the criteria are, and I don’t think that I’ve ever added anyone based on this, but maybe someday I will.

So the other day I clicked on my own profile because I wanted to check something, and I noticed that one of the people it listed as “More Like AboutStephen” was Yasmine Mustafa (@myasmine on Twitter).  I’ve mentioned Yasmine before.  She’s the CEO of 123Linkit, a startup company that has developed a free WordPress plugin that allows bloggers to easily monetize their blogs without having to sign up for a bunch of different affiliate marketing accounts.

I was shocked!

Why on earth did Twitter pair Yasmine with the likes of me?  How disappointed someone would be if I was also listed on her end, and they came to MY Twitter page and saw me rambling about my dirty laundry, burning supper, or how much I hate snow!  And then I started to think about it a little more…

Oh sure, on the surface the similarities are somewhat remarkable… Yasmine is an attractive young female CEO in a male-dominated industry.  She regularly posts tweets about her running or elliptical adventures , or donating money to help the less fortunate while enjoying a healthy meal at a local establishment.  She is highly motivated, focused, and a self-professed perfectionist.  Her Twitter tagline states “Looking to make a difference in the world”.  She is outgoing, and gives presentations to inspire more young girls to enter tech-related employment areas.  She’s a role model.  She’s even working on setting a World Record by dribbling a basketball until her arm falls off (or something like that).  And as if all of that wasn’t enough… her smiling face is featured in advertising campaigns such as this one:

She Ain't Pretty... She Just Looks That Way

OK, well someone apparently has too much time on their hands, but you have to admit, the goatee is kinda sexy.  And no, that’s not an edit of the original.  That’s a picture that Yasmine tweeted upon discovering it a few weeks ago.

So it’s easy to see why Twitter might want to lump the two of us in the same category.  The parallels are uncanny…  I sometimes post about my sleeping adventures on #Sleepkeeper…  I built part of a model once before throwing it away in frustration… I like to eat… I’ve dribbled a basketball a handful of times… White men can’t jump… or shoot… or dribble for that matter… well.. maybe that’s just me… and as for any advertising opportunities… No one has been beating down my door, but it’s only a matter of time once these videos get noticed!

Yeah, that was my first test video… It’s even older than the one I posted earlier on the blog.  It reminds me of a Gnome from EverQuest.

So it’s pretty obvious to me that Twitter is a poor judge of who may be “more like” me, or anyone else.  And to prove my point, I just now went to take a look and see who they might recommend…

@special_needs – My sister?!?

@frankenteen – The guy who plays Finn on Glee?!?

There’s definitely something up with that…

Oh, and the caption under Yasmine’s picture isn’t personal… it’s part of a song from my highschool days, by a Canadian band called The Northern Pikes.  You can watch the video on YouTube here.