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Meat Loaf: Literal Video Version (Anything For Love)

Published August 25, 2010 - 3 Comments

I went searching for Meat Loaf’s Anything For Love for, and stumbled onto this little gem!  I didn’t really read the title all that well, and assumed that with over a million views that it was the real version.  Well.. yes and no… after a couple of seconds I was ready to turn it off, but then I realized what they were doing… it’s what the words of the song SHOULD be, based on what the viewer is seeing in the video.  Hence.. the literal version!  It’s actually quite good!  I’m glad that I let it play all the way through.  Trust me.. if you remember this song/video at all, you’re going to enjoy this.  It’s not a parody… it is the video… but the lyrics… well, watch for yourself… I see that there are a whole bunch of other literal videos as well.  Curious to see what they’re going to be like!

I hope that you enjoy, and please don’t be shy… if you watch it and like it.. or if you don’t… let me know!