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Me and my Big Mouth

Published March 18, 2011 - 2 Comments

You know how they say you should never reply to an email or discussion board when you are angry?  Instead, take a step back, breathe, sleep on it, formulate a response (if one is even necessary) and then reply.

Yeah… I am not so good at that…

I use this blog and my Twitter account to vent about things in my personal life, and a lot of time I do it without putting much thought into it.  If something is not going well in my life, I may not want to talk about it, but chances are that I have written about it somewhere.  Maybe in my journal (which has been packed away since the New Year), maybe on another blog, or maybe right here on WaS or my Twitter account.

Imagine my surprise last night when I received an email with one of my tweets copied and pasted in it.  I never, in a million years, thought that this person would ever see that tweet.  They do not use Twitter and I did not believe that they even knew how to check the public page, or would even bother to.  OK…  at that hour of the night, and in the frame of mind I was in, I never even thought about it period.  To be honest, I barely remembered even writing it, but I knew as soon as I saw that email that I regretted it.  I had spewed something off while hurt, and it was now passed.  Except that it really was not, because there it was… in black and white still.

So let this be a reminder to you… think before you click that send button.  Because once it is out there in Internet Land, it is impossible to retract.

And for me…  this is not the first time that I have done something like this… and knowing me… I doubt it will be the last.