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McDonalds Monopoly Game Sucks Again

Published October 14, 2009 - 10 Comments

I hate that stupid monopoly game.  I’ve spent enough money at McDonalds that I should be given an engraved platinum-plated board, with a permanent residence on both Boardwalk AND Park Place!  But for some reason, when I asked the young guy behind the counter for a game board to keep track of all my “sorry, please try again, loser!” stickers, I was told that they don’t send them to the restaurants, and that I had to download them from the website.  (Since when is McDonalds a restaurant, anyway?)


For starters, if memory serves me correctly (less and less likely each day, it seems) those “boards” weren’t anything more than a glossy piece of paper.  I somehow doubt that McDonalds saves a ton of money by not printing those and shipping them to the restaurant. 

For seconds, what about the poor little old lady who has no idea what a PDF document is, or how to find it on the McDonalds site?  What are THEY supposed to do? 

Now I realize that the board is completely irrelevant to actually WINNING anything.  Whether you have one, or don’t, as long as you have the proper game pieces, it doesn’t matter if you tack them on a board, or a strand of toilet paper.  But that’s not the point.  When I ask for a game board, I’m expecting them to HAVE a game board, not have to go through the bother of having to look one up online, and print it out.  And let me tell you, it’s nothing spectacular.  You’d think that they might have put a little bit of effort into creating that board.


Not impressed.