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McDonalds Charging for Dipping Sauce Now?!?

Published July 8, 2011 - 8 Comments

Can I have some sweet and sour sauce please?”

“You have to pay for that now.”


“17 cents…”



Picture this conversation taking place in the drive-thru that has long since become a second home to me.  I can not imagine that audacity behind this move… times must be tough for poor Ronald McDonald.  Half the time I’ve asked for those sweet and source sauces the tops have been sliced open, and I’ve just thrown them away.  Not any more!  Now I’ll take my chances of contracting some rare amazonian flu or being poisoned by a madman bent on taking down corporate America’s greatest symbol.  It’s not that 17 cents is a lot of money… that’s not the point!  This is probably just the beginning.  Soon they’ll be charging for all the other little things that we’ve taken for granted!  Want ice in that drink?  That’s a dime!  How about a straw?  $25 cents please.  And don’t you dare think that you’re getting any napkins without ponying up some extra money!  No more freebies around here, mister! What do you think this is, a charity?

It’s just the beginning, I tell ya!