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Marianas Trench – Good To You

Published September 30, 2010 - 0 Comments

Wow… Life is full of disappointments lately, isn’t it?  Yesterday it was Rachel’s hair in Glee… today it’s the video for the new Marianas Trench song, Good to You.

I fell in love with the song Good to You last year.  It’s a great song, and featured vocals from Kate Voegele, an artist in the USA whom I was unfamiliar with until that song was released.  Afterward I went and downloaded some of her previous stuff, and it’s quite good.  I’ve mentioned before that I hoped they would release the song… and it seems they have… only one problem…

Kate’s not on it!

I noticed that the song was re-worked, and instead of Kate, Jessica Lee now sings the female vocals.  It’s decent enough… but it’s not the same.  I can’t imagine what the reason behind the decision was, but I hope that it was a good one.  And really… do we need the break in the middle of the video?  Isn’t that getting a tad tiresome?

I dunno… I still think Marianas Trench is a great band, and I hope that they start to gain some success in the States… but I prefer the song as it was originally presented.

Curious if anyone else thinks the same thing, or am I just out to lunch on this one…