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Maple Leafs.. Welcome to the Basement

Published October 15, 2009 - 1 Comment

Is there anything more heart-wrenching that getting your hopes up for your favourite hockey team, only to be let down yet again!?  OK, sure.. there are a hell of a lot of worse things than that… but for us Leafs, the proverbial kick in the balls year after year doesn’t get any easier. 

This year, we’re in solid last place.  Not last in our division.  Last in the entire league.  But that’s fine… we’ve got nowhere else to go but upwards!  It’s a long season, and surely there’s gotta be a team out there that we can beat!  Right?

Until that happens, I have to wear my thick skin, while listening to the Canadiens fans babble about how much less they suck than the Leafs!

Here’s a little something floating around the office…

Championship Sports Rings:

Pittsburg Penguins:

Pittsburg Penguins


Pittsburg Steelers:

Pittsburg Steelers


Toronto Maple Leafs:

Toronto Maple Leafs


Thick skin…  must wear the thick skin…