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Madonna or No Madonna… That is the Question…

Published October 29, 2011 - 2 Comments

Last night ATV/CTV news reported that Madonna was not scheduled to perform in Moncton next summer!  Well that’s a bit of a bummer… if it’s real.  We’ll find out October 31, when the promoters make an official announcement regarding the tour.

Looking at the site logs today, and I see that someone came here searching for “Is Justin Bieber going to perform in Moncton next year?”…  I immediately felt that wonderful vomit feeling in the back of my throat.  If that little …    *blood pressure check*…  *breathe*  *breathe* …   Selena Gomez can have anyone in the world, and she chose THAT little …  *blood pressure check* ….

I guess that we’ll find out on Monday whether the Material Girl is going to bless us with her presence.