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Looking for Answers with my Dynex 40″ LCD TV (DX-L40-10A)

Published January 26, 2010 - 5 Comments

As pretty much everyone in the western hemisphere knows, I finally bought a TV.  Sure, it took having my other one go *poof* and emit a funny smell… but hey… I finally stopped babbling about buying a new TV, and just did it!  Nike would be so proud of me.

I’ve only had the TV for 4 days, and I haven’t had it on today, so this is based solely on the previous 3 days of use…  it looks nice, sounds nice, and I generally feel that I should have taken the plunge and bought it much sooner.  With one tiny little unwelcome feature.

It seems to mysteriously shut off.

Three times, once during each day, the TV has mysteriously shut itself off.  I’m watching content through my XBox 360, and two of the three times, I was skipping ahead in a movie when the TV shut off.  The third time, I was sitting at the XBox control panel, and it turned off.  It turns back on easily enough, and I continue watching…  but it’s more than a little annoying.

I’ve started an initial scour of the internet help forums, hoping to find someone complaining of the same thing.  So far I have not found anything.  I’m not sure if that’s a good thing or not.  If it was a common problem, I’d be inclined to take it back quickly and look at something else.  If it’s something that is unique to my TV then I’m inclined to take it back and replace it with another of the same make and model.  But I’m not ready to just package everything up, and go through the bother of taking it back in, only to find out that it might be something in a setting or something that I can resolve myself.  I need to take a closer look at the power saver options, although my initial thought is that is not the cause of my issue.

I have 30 days to return it with no questions asked, so I still have some time.