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Living in a Post Steve Jobs World

Published October 6, 2011 - 1 Comment

Today the world wakes up to a new era… the first day of what I shall call the post-Jobs era.

There will be millions of tweets, Facebook updates, and blog posts pouring out tributes to Steve Jobs.  This is mine.

No matter what you think of Steve Jobs, and Apple, there is no doubt that the man shaped our world in a way that few others have.  You may not have ever used a single Apple product, but it’s highly doubtful that you haven’t used something that wasn’t somehow influenced by the man.  He was a genius.  Period.

So what will the Apple of tomorrow look like?  People have been asking that since Jobs stepped down as CEO in August.  I’m certainly no analyst, but I doubt that Apple’s innovation has died with Steve Jobs.  I suspect that they will continue to develop amazing products, even if some of the “magic” inevitably fades a little.  I do hope, however, that Apple becomes a little more “open” as a company.  And I think now they will.

56 is way too young.  Cancer sucks.

Goodbye Steve.