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Little Brown Shoes

Published August 14, 2010 - 2 Comments

I recently purchased a new pair of shoes.  Finally! I haven’t had proper shoes since I decided to throw my old yucky ones in the garbage over a year ago.  The idea was to force myself to buy some new ones, but instead of that, I seemed to just spend more time with my sneakers and sandals.  I did get some safety shoes for work, but after wearing them for a bit, I realized that my big toes rubbing against the steel wasn’t going to work out well.  That, and they look like “clown shoes” according to one of the guys I work with.  Maybe I’ll use them to mow the lawn.

Every time I put these shoes on, I can’t help but think of another pair of brown shoes that I had… a looooong time ago!  They became known somehow as my “Little Brown Shoes”, although at size 10 1/2, they’re hardly what I would call little.  Why would I even remember a pair of shoes from 15+ years ago?  It was a simpler time back then…  🙂